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It will be summer soon.

It will be summer soon. As I expected, I would like to take a vacation in summer. However, the place is pretty bad, famous places are crowded. However, it is unexpectedly famous but there are places like well-beings. Last year I went to Lake Biwa Drive, but it was quite good. It is good that there are quite a few restored castles and castle marks because it is the odds of the Oda family. Starting from the park in Nagahama castle, running along Lake Biwa Hikone castle. Hikkyo is famous, is not it? Do you know who this castle was here? It is not surprisingly known. It is the castle of Mr. Ii Ii, Mr. Nao Ii, who was assassinated by strange outside Sakurada Gate. Actually, I also learned it when I go. It is hard to rise the castle itself, but it is highly recommended as it is quite extant. It was nice to have a museum in front of the castle. The surroundings still have the atmosphere of the castle town. When going to Kyoto direction from there, there are Akashi castle ruins of Nobunaga and birthplace marks of Hideyoshi something this time. Because Azuchi castle site was clearly climbing saying clearly, I gave up just at the foot but it is recommended for people with confidence in physical fitness. Omihachiman may also have a good taste, is not it? It is so beautiful that you can see Lake Biwa and Omihachiman city when you leave Suigo or climb the mountain with Yawata mountain ropeway. Konjac cuisine is quite famous around here. It is good for a snack. It is good to cross the Lake Biwako Bridge, and if you go there, Kyoto is near. If you go back and forth in two nights, you can enjoy it considerably. I recommend traveling around leisurely in Lake Biwa during the summer vacation. It is not a foothold, but it may be a place not to go unexpectedly.
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